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and select the pictures you would like to have printed or downloaded.

Select your Printed Product or Digital Download
Digital Downloads
Pictures are available for digital download. They are high resolution .jpg files
1920 x 1080 pixels with the copyright watermark removed.
Digital Downloads are $AU5.00 per picture and will be emailed to you.
Please also consider the extra Art Options below ...

Printed Products
You can have almost anything printed these days, so here are some suggestions :
- framed pictures
- posters
- T-shirts
- coffee mugs
- canvas
I will utilise third party suppliers to do the printing, so until I have established
a business relationship with a firm I will be unable to give you price lists on this page.
(This will be addressed very soon.)
I will give you quotes via email until my shop is established.
Note that the big copyright watermark is removed from all printed items.
Please also consider the extra Art Options below ...

Email me
for a quote and to order your products.
Please remember to include sizes, colours and options, as well as your delivery address so I can quote.

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Laughing Tony
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Change the Shape
The aspect of the frame can be changed to match the printing purpose.

Change the Background Colour
The default background colour is black.
You can choose other colours, but keep in mind the darker shades look better.

Change the Background Image
You can send me an image to replace the background.
Once again bear in mind that the darker the better!

Add your own graphics
You can send me an image to incorporate into the artwork.
Step into my fractal world!
  plus     equals  

Higher Resolutions for Digital Downloads
If High Definition 1920x1080 is not enough resolution for you,
higher resolution images can be built to order.


Fractal Animations by Laughing Tony